Made a little Stamp with the New Precision Power Engrave



Guess I’d better post quickly before it disappears…chuckle! :smile:
(Whoop! Too late…it’s gone.)

It’s very, very cool. (The Precision Power engrave, not the stamp.)

Just inverted a jpeg from the internet, slapped a little rectangle around it, and sent it to engrave with the Map Grays to Power function in the new Engrave dialog box. (Two passes to make it deep enough to use as a stamp.)

seahorse 2


Cut it out of the Maple Proofgrade ply and stuck a piece of tape on the back to use as a handle.

Works a lot better than I expected given that finish on the plywood.

So anyway…that should be all kinds of fun when we get it. :grinning:


I was thinking on buying a Silhouette Mint, but now… :wink:


Oh man… this is going to be awesome


Stamps from plywood–who knew! Came out great and now I wanna try it.


Woodblock printing just got way, way easier.


I’m going to try it with the draftbord. (No finish on that one.)


Can’t wait to try this out. Life has gotten in the way of Laser Time and I haven’t even been able to see this yet!


Thinking that the Draftboard is similar to MDF. Get it wet and it swells or starts to fall apart a little or a lot. Might not be great as a stamp material. But just guessing. Real wood swells too, but to a much lesser extent.


The high points should still be the veneer, so the bare MDF should not get wet unless the ink soaks through it.


Or does draftboard not have any veneer?


pretty sure it’s just a thin mdf with no veneer - there’s never been any visible in pics, anyway.


Well, that’s cute. And the Precision Power Engrave is gone?


Well we’ll see pretty quick…I’ve got some on hand. I’ll try it later today. (True… it might swell a little.)

Might have to cut the stamps out of real woodblocks - aka the hardwood. (Saving those though - don’t have too much on hand.)


It was temporary…it’s back now. :grinning:


Correct, there is no veneer.


Oh, good. I was getting worried, because that was a feature that really excited me. I have seen some of the things people are doing with paper and really thin material using the precision power settings and they’re awesome!


There are some ink pads that aren’t water based. I assume they’re solvent based? Maybe they would be less likely to be problematic with the wood?


This is awesome!!! Super excited to make my own stamps!


That is great!


Just an update…ran the same stamp out of the draftboard. It was a little small, but it created about the same kind of stamp results as the plywood. (I was expecting it to look a little better, but there are tiny flecks uniformly missing from the draftboard. Might want to sand it before cutting with a superfine grade sandpaper.

Anyway…both seem to give a nice aged effect to the stamp.