Made a new friend

While we were on the Starcruiser trip, I made a new friend who has a thing for Kylo Ren… Glowforge powers - activate! (These will be on the way to her soon:)

(Earring Hardware Tomorrow)

She makes these “challenge coins” and is expecting a prototype any day now…

But with a Glowforge, you really don’t need to wait.

And since I had a stack of slate coasters on my workbench already…


Thanks so much for sharing. That challenge coin gave me a great idea for this Discord group I’m in.


Cool! My son used to LOVE Kylo Ren! (He is a smart, sweet kid but seems to always prefer the villians. I try not to analyze that too much). :smiley:
The slate coasters are my fav.


Congrats! I have a terrible time making friends. Slate coasters sound cool. where do you get those?


Craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby have them (sandstone too!) or I’m sure you can find them on Amazon.


These turned out nice. I especially like the edgelit one!


So thoughtful!

Did you end up sharing here what you thought about the Starcruiser? I’m curious. :slight_smile:

We’re heading there in October and I’ve been torn about the Starcruiser or the VIP tour or none of the above. I’D love the Starcruiser, but I don’t know if my family will participate enough to make it worthwhile.


Okay… Here are my thoughts on Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser:

My daughter & I boarded the Starcruiser Halcyon from Disney’s shuttle facility in Florida…

We checked in at the terminal and went through port security…

And boarded a shuttle up to the Halcyon in orbit…

The shuttle docks right off the ship’s atrium and you step out into this impressive scene…

As you look back at the docking entrance, all you see out the windows is space…

At the front of the ship is the bridge, with an expansive view of space…

Even when you get to your cabin, you can see space out the window…

And since everyone is thinking it, yes, space toilets:

There’s a sign on the wall:

Which, thanks to the handy translation app says this:

For much of the trip you’re free to roam the ship’s corridors…

With a little hacking skill, you can wander deeper into the ship in places like engineering…

And even blow off a little steam…

Of course, you’re on a cruise. So there’s all kinds of (really, really, good) food:

(To Be Continued…)


There’s also a cozy ship’s bar…

With interesting concoctions from places like Bespin’s Cloud City:

And the volcanic Mustafar…

Besides interacting with the crew and passengers, you’ll also run into droids…


And, unfortunately (unless you’d prefer to lean towards the dark side) the First Order…

(My daughter made that particular Storm Trooper miserable every chance she got!)
There’s even an “environment simulator room” for those who might want to experience the outdoors while on board the Starcruiser:

But what kind of adventure would it be without a little intrigue. Perhaps a few messages asking you to help with a few tasks…?


I have to say, this is really incredible. I’m not a sci-fi person at all, but enough of my family around me are and they would love this place. Looks like they did an amazing job of creating what it would be like to actually board a ship into outer space. Got a kick out of your third photo…in the shuttle. The woman in the middle looks positively enthralled about it all. Ha ha!


So yes. We had a ball. Imagine a 2-day murder mystery/escape room, set on a starship. In the Star Wars universe. Westworld in space, without all the killing and dying.

As Star Wars fans, it was more than worth it to us. We showed up in costume and played our parts to the hilt. It’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s even hectic at times. The “cast members” were wonderful, the food amazing, the bunks (yes, of COURSE we slept in the bunks!) are cozy and comfortable. Both of us would’ve liked to to go on longer. When we boarded the shuttle back, we were back in our flight suits.

And to ease the shock of returning to reality, that evening we headed over to Galaxy’s Edge, had a Ronto Wrap at Docking Bay 7, then went over to Oga’s cantina for drinks.

Was it worth the price of a Glowforge for two of us to spend two days/nights living in the Star Wars universe?

I’d have to say yes. Definitely. I’d go again tomorrow if I could find someone to watch Gozer.

But if you don’t think your family will get involved? Not big Star Wars fans? That’s a harder call.

But I am. And I want to go back. We did EVERYTHING that we could to stay in the action, and we still only got about 30% of the story. They go out of their way to keep the kids entertained and involved, EVERYONE on the ship knows your name after they’ve met you… Immersive… Engaging… And the attention to detail…

For example… in the Halcyon’s backstory, Han Solo took Leia on a cruise for their honeymoon. On board the Halcyon. On one of the pipes near the carbon freeze unit in engineering, my daughter found this:

(It’s in aurebesh. Translates to HS + LO…)


That level of detail is what makes Disney attractions so amazing. I remember my first time in Disneyland and there were these jokes written into the tombstones of the Haunted Mansion and I thought how cool it was that there’s these little gags here and there. Thanks for sharing.


This looks like so much fun but I’m afraid the fun would end when I saw someone getting guff in the cantena.



(And now back to “Made on a Glowforge”)


Love all of these! I’m sure she will be blown away by them!

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Thanks for sharing all the photos and your experience - what an amazing experience!

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I am not a Star Wars fan but I love the pictures. You have created some cherished memories.

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Your new friend is going to absolutely love those gifts! And thank you so much for sharing all the photos! I am amazed, and now realize I could never make it in space - too claustrophobic! But it really looks like a tremendous amount of fun. So glad you got to go, and glad you shared it with us. Were other guests amazed by your outfits?


Yes, we got a lot of comments on our costumes, but there were a LOT of people there with amazing outfits…

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I’m not really a Sci-Fi / Star Wars fan but this still looks incredible. Might need to have a binging fest with at least one of my family so I can justify this trip.