Made Better With a Glowforge



It’s been a crazy weekend. As much as I wanted to focus on exploring the Glowforge’s capabilities, I was also committed to finishing an e-NABLE build, an Ironman-themed device for a young man in Mexico.

Then the thought popped into my head — How can I use the Glowforge to make this better?

5 minutes of laser time later…

The artwork was a jpeg from the interwebs

The soft focus was caused by me taking the image with one hand while manipulating the hand to grip the plaque with the other. :wink:

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending April 8th, 2017

That is just too cool. He’s going to love it!


That is epic


What an awesome addition to your other work! I love it!


"Because giving someone an actual HAND isn’t awesome enough, let’s laser you a little sign"
You are the best @dwardio !


Awesome job man. And great cause to


Huh? Oh, nope, not me, but i wish it were, lol


whoops! I selected the wrong name, I’ll fix it, thanks


That just makes me misty. (Johann is one lucky little boy.) :sunglasses:


That is an awesome addition.


Man that is really cool. Next one you gotta put this on that yellow forearm piece :

He’s gonna be so stoked


Really nice job on the hand and plaque. I love seeing other Makers’ take on these.

Funny, I usually do Capt America ones :slight_smile:


Johann (6 years old) specifically asked for an Ironman hand. As you well know, we aim to please. :sunglasses: It was a good day.


That is way cool!!
Almost as good as the picture you shaking the new hand of the new friend you made! Those smiles…!


Guess I can start tagging them with these, too… :wink:


Love it. Mind if I use it for mine? Maybe we can start a trend and all enablers will use them :slightly_smiling_face:


Wonderful! What a great idea! (I’ve been wondering what to use that little tag for).


Go for it!


Great. Probably engrave a “Made specially for X” on the back so they’ve got a little token too.


Perfect. :+1: