Magic the Gathering Card for EDH!

Hello, Glowforge community!

Here’s my first post ever - and will have many more to come.

My GF Pro came in earlier this week, but have been super busy with work.
But here’s the weekend! So without further ado, I present to you my first (real) print:

A Magic the Gathering card! :black_circle::red_circle::white_circle::large_blue_circle::green_apple: (there’s no green circle emoji!)

There’s a format that my buddy plays - EDH - that requires a card to (almost) forever be on the playing field (we call it battlefield). And his current “commander” is the below:

Also got the alignment okay (GF camera, you’re the best!), and was able to engrave the back without much fuss:

Things I learned:
1) It takes forEVER to peel off the masking. What did I expect??
2) This gets REALLY sticky. Better to not put it near your expensive cards, even if they’re sleeved.
3) Could have spent a bit more time on getting the svg to have a better contrast (“The Gathering” part on the back didn’t show up :sob:)
3.5) Same goes for the front picture of the character. Oh well!
4) The laser cut card is smaller than the playing card by 0.5mm for height and width. This is due to kerf that I didn’t account for in my svg!

Overall, very happy with the result. And will have a surprise for my buddy tomorrow.

Until next time,



Great first start!

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Thanks, Christy!


Welcome! Great way to jump in! :grinning:


:slight_smile: Thank you!

You’re having fun already! Poke around in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section (the first post links to the individual tutorials) and you’ll find lots of suggestions for mitigating the stickiness as well as tons of other useful info.

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No way! And I thought the stickiness was a must for these prints… thanks for the tip! I’ll look it up now!

I did something similar, but for a token creature, not my Commander.

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Nice! And you got an artist proof token!! Jelly!

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I was super-excited to hear that Richard Kane Ferguson was going to be at GPVegas, so I splurged. I haven’t seen him at a GP since then, and I go to probably 2-3 per year if they are within a couple hours drive.

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