Magic the Gathering Duel Deck Box


A while back I posted my first attempts at a box to hold MTG duel deck packs. I had another go and am much happier with how this one turned out. It’s another glue free construction.

The design can be purchased from my website here:

This pattern uses some of the same 6x3mm magnets that I used in my game counter posted a few days ago. If you’d like to make one of these yourself, you can get the magnets from amazon here: (affiliate link).

Read a quick write up for this project on my blog:


It’s a beautiful set of boxes for any purpose! I love the magnet idea.


Yes, love this. Magnets just add so much.


Thanks! I’m obsessed with using magnets. They’re so easy to just push into place after you get the hole size honed in and they add a lot to the project.


Very nice!


This is super fantastic! Love how you incorporated the magnets.


this is just super cool because it can be used for other things like hiding money or a spare key.


Oooh, neat idea. You could even do an engrave on the 2 piece of sandwiching material to hide the key without it being obvious that the 2 pieces come apart.