Magic: the Gathering Life Tracker

anybody make one of an 80 health one? My friend loved this design but requested an 80 health one.

Thanks for sharing this! It’s printing for me right now.

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Yep, made mine square ages ago. Works like a charm. Why wouldn’t you use square then you can make the whole thing with the GF.

Made 1 with your square peg, so helpful!


@finh a friend of mine knows we have a glowforge and found this post somehow. She asked me to make one for her son that counts up to 100 (I’ll post the file when done). She told our local gaming shop about it and now they are interested also. I saw above somewhere in the thread about attribution. What do you want used for it? I’m new to all this…

Here are the stipulations for use of items posted in Free Laser Designs:

Thanks! @finh had posted above that this is under Creative Commons 4.0, which does include commercial use as long as there is attribution. My question is, how does one attribute?
Should I make a sign? Should I laser something on the material?
What is supposed to be included? I come from an academic background so APA citation is burned into my brain. I’m probably overthinking it.

Here is the one I made for a gift - 8 year old birthday. He’s just getting into the game.
Modifications include:
Adding a small disk inside to support the square pegs so the pointer isn’t as free-floating
0-60 tallies with 6/0 for 0 and 60.
Magic: The Gathering font used for the tallies and personalization
Removed mana symbols and personalization from file shared!

And I was informed by my husband that it does indeed (!!) :dizzy_face: matter in what order the mana symbols are, so the final version has them laid out correctly. Green and black are not supposed to go next to each other. I, of course, am clueless on this matter. Seriously. This was a fun project and a good one to get outside my comfort zone. :grinning:


I included his name and phone number on it because, well, he’s 8. Though the font makes the 1 look like it’s a 7, so I’d probably not use the exact font for any other numbers. I was also frustrated that I couldn’t get a capital h but could get other capital letters.


@shishona I just took a couple of these to my adult son this weekend. I made him help assemble them. He was also telling me that the symbols needed to go in a particular order.

Of note, his name is Keegan too :slight_smile: As you know, it isn’t very common.

What’s hilarious about “proper” order is it’s like a religion - there are many “proper” ways.
My favorite deck way back in the day was a green/black so of course those would go next to each other!


@Pearl Awesome! Both the name and making him help with assembly. :slight_smile:

Spent upwards of 20hrs perfecting my life counter before I found this free file… oops!

Here’s mine


I really like that you engraved the bottom. That was a great idea! May I ask, what material are you using as the pivot point? It doesn’t appear to be wood.

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It’s actually a 1/4” wood dowel from Michaels crafts. I cut the guide holds at .250” and the center gear and needle at .243”


This is incredible! I’m sending to my son who’s a Magic fan as well.

By the way, since this is a public forum, I removed the name and last 4 of the phone number so he doesn’t get any calls from strangers!


I modified the design to have a square peg in the center - much better for rotational forces and stability, and it’s cuttable on the GF. It’s way up there in the replies somewhere…

Wow, it’s awesome that this design still has legs a year later!

As far as the spirit of the license, which is what really matters, if you’re making these to sell just put a “based on a design by Fiona Hopkins — — CC BY-SA 4.0” on any label or something where you would also have your own name as credit. (That URL just links back to this thread.)

You don’t have to put attribution on the objects themselves.

If you do make any modifications to the mechanism (folks here have done great things improving the axle) and distribute those beyond personal use, you’ll need to make the SVGs available and have them under the same CC BY-SA 4.0 license (that’s the “Share Alike”) bit.

You don’t need to share SVGs of custom art for the gears or the back, though. Just the mechanism itself.


Hi thanks for sharing, unfortunately I don’t see the numbers on the svg… Is there any chance you can help with that… either going to 60 or 40. Thanks !


If you’re on Windows either Firefox or Chrome, right click on the version you like and click Save As, it’ll default to .svg with the numbers

If you’re on Windows using IE or Edge you’ll need to switch to Firefox or Chrome

Hi thanks your help, unfortunatelly the model from shishona doesn’t have the numbers but is the model I like because of the glue-in axel…

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