Magic: the Gathering Life Tracker


As in , closer to a final version.


The side gear is a nice touch, care to show more about how you made it work? I assume it freefloats, and doesn’t have an axle?


I added 2 more round layers below that is the nominal bottom of the original design. The lower of the 2 ( top center in attached) acting as both the bottom and middle layer. The layer in between ( bottom right in attached) has openings sufficient for holding 2 gears. The larger gear ( n=30 teeth) protrudes out the side. The smaller( n = 20 teeth) is the same as the ones in the layer above. I probably changed the scale and the gear ratios at some point. It is scaled / ratio-ed so that I can get up to 5 orbiting gears in the top gear layer without gnashing of the teeth.

The larger gear rides upon an axle made from a 1/4 dowel. This axle is held in place by holes in the round plate above and below. A dab of thin glue keeps the axle from migrating up or down. It is about 3/8 long. The smaller gear is runs on a separate 1/4 inch dowel axle. This axle runs through all the plates. It runs through holes in the new bottom and the old bottom and the old top. It also runs through the center gear on the tip gear layer and though the pointer. Turning the large gear, turns the center stack and thus turns the orbital gears in the top gear layer. The circles with holes are used to make the axle thicker on the way to the pointer and the top plate (not shown) has the center opening expanded to allow the fatter part to pass.

Probably not as good for a game counter ( hard to control the pointer) but fun for amusing bored hands. People tend to not put them down for a while after being handed them.



Totally awesome!


This topic just continues to inspire. Great ideas!