Magic: the Gathering Life Tracker


I added a square peg to the center gear and assembly. Seemed like the logical next step.


I think I must be blind or going crazy. Where is the link for these files? I can’t see it.



Oh, I was looking for a file download, not just a pic. Thanks.


That is a file. It’s an SVG file—which is exactly what the Glowforge expects.


Hopefully you figured it out already but I wanted to be sure. If you just right click on the picture it will let you save the SVG. (On my computer it says, “save page as”. ) I know it looks like a picture, but if the end of it says, SVG, it’s actually a file :slight_smile:


I got a question about selling these. Be aware of the Wizards of the Coast trademarks if you put the icons in, but beyond that I’m releasing this design with a Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons license. Give credit, share modifications, and go to town.


I modified the file to count to 40. Haven’t actually made this yet so I reserve the right to edit the file once I get a chance to cut it




I made mine with a square peg in in the center so it doesn’t have to rely on the glue for the rotational movement, and color coded for the glowforge cutting engraving order. I also added a ring on the back for fun.


Ok well I did change it. I added a score to the outside gear layer; you never see it but I found assembling these with ultra thin CA glue to be the easiest since all you need to do is hold a layer together and apply it to the outside. Because it is thin it just wicks right into the joint and sets almost instantly. The score is a just in case thing so that it doesn’t wick all the way to the gears.



Clever trick with the score for the CA.


It’s fun coming back here to see all the variations that keep popping up!


Oooh, that is a good trick. I’m always accidentally gluing gears.


I don’t know how effective it will be if you are using medium thickness CA but for ultrathin it works great


This has GOT to be one of the coolest things here.

Next project - put 4 of them together (1 single counter) and have each of the life up to 40.

I bet you could sell these on Etsy for a lot. You’d be a millionaire in no time. I’ll be your first customer!


Maybe Clickspring would be super cool and make one? :smiley:


I did a 1 to 100 version for a friend on request. Made a few mistakes…

my version brings the numbers up another level, so I should have ‘shortened’ the pointer a bit.

I don’t have any good reason the 100 disc is on the right. It feels like it ought to be on the left.

If I had the chance, I’d align the five bars in the middle layer with the 0 and 00, just for aesthetic sense.

Also, I miscoded some of the etches and the didn’t work (see the black disc on the base plate)

Still, I like it :slight_smile:


The original post inspired me I made some clocks with a stepper motor (too loud :frowning: ) and I made a bunch of these… 2 added layers below with a pair of cogs. Later versions replaced the home cut shaft with a dowel.


Thank you! Used your template and made one: :smile:


a more complete version…