Magic the Gathering (or any other cards) Deck Box - Free SVG


Warning: Once you make it and post it on social media, all your nerd friends would want one!

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Nice !
looks like you have been playing with many box designs in the background,


Nice box. Thanks for the share.


Great box, thanks for the file.


It’s a lovely box! Thanks for sharing.


Very cool! :sunglasses:


Haha yea! Boxes are so cool… especially the ones with hinges and flex sides!


Pretty! Thank you so very much!!


Sweet. How many cards is it sized for? Here’s the glueless one I made recently when I couldn’t find any others like this shared Deck Box for sleeved cards - glueless


2 things. Does the bar at the bottom have a purpose.
Anyone have issues with the box staying closed?


I have an issue with the box staying closed HAHA. Maybe someone here can modify it! :slight_smile:


Dampen the hinge and clamp it in place until it dries. That will help to persuade it to stay where you want it.