Magnetic pincushion

A simple inlaid pin holder.

3" diameter (top) 3.3" diameter (bottom)
1/8" maple and walnut, 1/16" maple and walnut.
Wipe on satin polyurethane
1/16" thick neodymium magnet. (

The gist is that there are three 1/8" layers, and a pair of 1/16" layers. I could have done an engraved pocket for the magnet at about 1/16" deep, but I had the 1/16" stock in maple and walnut so I just did it as layers. Kept the inlay process a lot simpler.

Here it is before polyurethane and sanding. The pins are pretty secure on there, they would definitely stay stuck to the surface if I pick it up.

That’s about all I have to say about that, simple project.


Ooooh :heart:

The difference between
image quite pretty, cool design
image it glows! I wanna touch it!!

is impressive.


Love this idea!


So much prettier than other magnetic pin holders I’ve seen!


Now this is a practical cut that is outstanding AND gorgeous.


The walnut veneer you used really glows in the light and contrasts nicely with the maple. Very neat idea of a practical project. :blush:


I used 1/16” walnut and maple on that layer. It’s much more durable than true 1/42” veneer.

I got it from Kim Oberlin, if you’re looking for some.


Oh, I like it! Good to know that the magnet is effective under 1/16” of wood.


Yeah the first thing I did was lay some wood on top of the magnet and try it out. Entire thing would have been a waste of time if it didn’t :slight_smile:


Maybe interesting to some: I was able to cut all the parts in one job, even though there were 4 different materials.

Red: 0.125" walnut
Green: 0.125" maple
Blue: 0.0625" maple
Purple: 0.0625" walnut.

This, to me, is the best daily reason to wish you had a pro. Makes it really easy to slip materials in from the front and efficiently run jobs like this.


Did you put the height into the manual settings in order not to do a defocused cut, or was .06 not a big enough of a difference to matter?

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Nice. Good contrast in the woods.
Those magnets also make a good bottle-cap catcher hot glued under the mounted opener.

One could also engrave a pocket for the magnet into 1/8" to get it close to the surface.
The first time I had the magnet stack delivered it was stuck about waist high on my insulated front door.

Those are the only magnets that ever drew blood on me.



I considered it but then it’d be down to trial and error to get the pocket depth correct, and engraving is slow. I had plenty of 1/16" stock, so cutting was definitely the right move for me. If all I had was 1/8" I would have done that instead.

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I see they also sell 1/8 magnets. That is a very interesting idea! Though thinking an array of smaller magnets could use a larger face and either cup magnets or steel washers might reduce the hold to what is underneath,

Yup I have some. The issue was that I wanted the magnets to be completely hidden and still have good holding power, so 1/16" thick was the direction I chose. I tried it with 1/8" wood and the magnets just didn’t hold the pins as well.

Yeah, I have no 1/16th so that was my first thought.

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1/8 for the hole and 1/16 for the surface, Also I think that the washers on the other side increases the side without them, not sure where I read that.

If I were going to do that, I’d do the inlay first, then jig it up and engrave the pocket through the inlaid wood. The request was for a “magnetic pincushion that isn’t ugly”, so inlay came first.

I’ve done inlay/jig/engrave-cut before on a lot of my round boxes. It works well.


A super success! I’m sure they will love it! Just make sure the pins are magnetic!

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