Made new version of my MagSafe charger stand and I am calling this one MagShift since it can shift vertically or horizontally while connected. Made it out of 1/8 draftboard but will work for medium proofgrade plywood. Added the little charger logo I been adding to the rest too. Been using this the past few days on my bedside table and it’s working great.


I like your magsafe stands, but I have the problem of it not being very stable when trying to attach or remove the phone. The material is so light that it takes 2 hands to remove the phone without picking up/knocking over the stand. Do you have that problem, or can your (superior to mine, for sure) designer abilities come up with a way to stop that?


If you try to pull them straight off it will do that but I find it better to grab the phone and push the stand with my thumb off of the phone and it works best for me one handed. Another trick is to slide the phone straight down until it releases. But the thumb trick works best for me.


When I designed iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Stand, I (accidentally) made it a little taller than the phone, which had the side effect of making it easy to grab the phone with one hand and push on the charger to detach it.


I actually swiped your measurements on the circle with the notch and incorporated it into a table top lamp cabinet where the phone just sits on top. I’ll take a couple pictures of it tonight and show you. Thanks, by the way. :wink: