iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Stand

I got the new iPhone and the new magnetic charging adapter, and wanted a stand for it. A couple of hours, Fusion 360, and a Glowforge later…

Design files here: iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Stand Files


Very nice practical cut for those with the latest and greatest.


Very nicely done.


Functional and stylish!

Ooh nice! How is the phone working so far?

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Miserable experience with Verizon trying to get it activated, but otherwise it’s pretty much the same as the last one.

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Nice job! Seems like it would also work for my XS.

Somewhat. The 12 has magnets that hold the charger on or, in this case, hold the phone on the charger. It could be modified to work with other models by adding a lip on the bottom. But at that point there are other, nicer, Qi charging cradles.

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I embedded metal discs in a case for my iPhone a few years ago, and magnets into one of the charge pads. It worked for alignment, but I got tired of having to separate them when picking it up.