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It could be just me and my web browser(iOS 10.11.2 - Safari 9.0.2 in full screen mode) but I don’t think the pictures, when clicked for a larger size, are supposed to show up in a super skinny bar that needs to be scrolled down to see the whole image.

Checked with Firefox(42.0) and the image is showing up as almost full size with a tiny bit of scrolling to do.

It’s fine in Chrome 47 on a Mac.

Which pictures exactly? The ones listed under the heading “What can you print with Glowforge” at ?

And for clarity… are you maybe using OSX 10.11.2 and Safari 9.0.2? That would be for macbook, imac, mini, or Pro.
iOS, for mobile devices, is still on version 9.2 (as far as I know… I updated both my iMac and my iphone this morning).

I could not seem to replicate your problem with either version of Safari, desktop or mobile.

edit: what size screen do you have, and do you know what resolution you are running it at?

hmmm… seems i should take a rest from staring at screens and specs…

Yes the ones on the main page under “What you can print”
OSX 10.11.2
2009 27" iMac i7
full screen mode which ought to be 2560x1440

Chrome browser shows the pictures perfectly, no scroll bar at all.

I am running at 2720 x 2880 resolution and with OS X 10.11.1 and Safari 9.0.1. I have had the same problem with those photos. They show the same way for me…long, narrow photos that should open in a larger format. Strange.

i have a reply here with a screen shot…the bot ate it until approval though.

Thanks for the bug report! @Tony and @bailey will have a look. I’ll fix the screenshot thing.

looks like youre on the teaser page

The “teaser” page is the main page.

The “main” page of a site is the one that comes up at the root of a site automatically by default. glow is the root/main site thus that is the “main” page.

Secondary note:
I’ve found that youtube is not playing well with El Capitan’s new split screen mode. If Safari is in Full screen, youtube thinks it’s in split view and expands to 1/2 of the screen. If Safari is not full screen, youtube goes to full screen as normal. I only bring this up here because I thought it may help with figuring out why Safari isn’t playing well with the pop up pictures in the example section of the main page. I’m going to try with AdBlock disabled next.

AdBlock disabled didn’t help but i noticed an oddity as I try to resize the window. Might be something in the reactive sizing of the site. The window tries to jump around away from the mouse. Not the whole window, just the border I’m grabbing. I’ll put up a vid link.

Thanks! A screenshot would be great - copying @bailey for a bug report.


Whoa… I have that exact wallpaper set right now. Bleach rocks.

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