Make custom cases

Make box files with different joints/thickness/dimensions, don’t know if this one has come up before.


That one’s my favorite box-maker. I haven’t actually cut anything from it yet, but I’ve played with a few and this one looks best to me.

Probably been shared before, but nothing wrong with a reminder!!! :slight_smile:

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Yes, we have it linked in the Matrix. (smile)


LOVE IT…thank you!!

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Yup…quite awhile back…thats definitely my goto box starter…

This works excellently. I’ve used it many times. It was made by our own @kigster.

There are several other online generators too. Plus you can download an Inkscape extension for square and elliptical boxes. OnShape has some extensions too to help as does Fusion 360


I’m pretty excited because I have an unreasonably high number of tarot card decks, and an even more unreasonably high number of them don’t come with boxes (and those loose satin bags scare me) so until I can create, engrave, and line custom boxes, I have them wrapped and knotted in bandanas.

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