Make/Model of wireless Routers?

I’m having connection issues, except just after I reset my router. So am going to get another one to try. I have a network point in the same room as the GF.
Can people please post to this thread their make/model of router if no one else has posted it and whether they are working/not working without issues. Just thought it may be useful as we could identify that some makes/models have GF issues.

Ruckus R710. Works fine.

There may be an issue with the current wireless firmware used by the GF. If that is the case, an update from GF should take care of it.

More details here:


Check out the wirecutter for excellent recommendations in general, but their router discussion is particularly thorough:

I’ve never regretted a purchase based on their recommendations— I’ve been following their advice for years.


I just have the CenturyLink rebranded router but have added a Ubiquity access point. I’ll be converting to a complete Ubiquity managed system but I’m doing it a piece at a time. It is a great melding of enterprise level features at a consumer price point.

Is this info only to help you? Notice you didn’t list your setup.

Stupid me, mine is a Asus RT-AC66U. Strange thing is today I have had no issues with the GF after 2 days of problems. I haven’t changed anything so it doesn’t make sense unless it was a routing issue with my internet provider.

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I have a Plume mesh WiFi system and have no problems. The nearest mesh pod is about 12 feet from the GF.

I have found (for my clients) using an Ubiquity Edgerouter X and the UniFi AC Pro lite allows excellent management and monitoring.

By having separate units, you can get a long patch cable to position the wireless unit for effective placement. Since the wireless unit is 24 VDC and comes with a POE injector, it powers both the Edgerouter X and the UniFi AC Pro.

Ubiquity also offers a Gateway unit for better client internet access management.

I went with the Google WiFi mesh system a few weeks ago and I’ve never looked back!
In my upstairs room where the Glowforge is, I was doing good to get 10Mbps down, and it was a very hit-and-miss signal. Since installing the Google WiFi, I am consistently getting about 115Mbps down!

Here is the set I got from Amazon:
They had it cheaper than buying straight from Google.

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I’ve used a number of the older Linksys WRT-g’s over the years. Especially loading custom firmware like DD-WRT. Currently been using a Netgear WNDR3700 without issue for the last 3 or so years.

netgear 6250. GF is upstairs, router is downstairs. haven’t had connection issues.

OH, I also have an apple time machine that I use also as an extender.