Make Something: First Tests


Came across this! The closest I’ve seen to a well done "unboxing"




The whole time I was like, “why didn’t he cut a hole in those pieces as he was lasering them?” And then the drill…ack! Poor guy. :flushed:


Hahaha I thought the same thing, I mean it’s just draw a circle, but I have to admit that it was fun :sweat_smile:


It’s probably just because it’s late and I’m hopped up on caffeine, but this video was getting to me a bit.

Don’t throw that old laser away man!
Why can’t you just put the original little tree in there and scan trace it?
Why are we drilling when we have a laser?

I’d really like him to do a video on that exhaust setup next. Good video.



Great super simple usage. Subscribed (now that this forum has made me do that kind of thing on YouTube.)


Me also! I think he’s on the forums here somewhere also. :slight_smile:


Indeed! @picciuto here on the forum.

This is so freaking brilliant I want to do it myself. Although I am thinking I want to do a 3d engrave of a pine tree. Out of pine.

Put that on my todo list…


I was thinking the same thing. My workspace is vary similar, so i’m really interested how well it works with that type of window.
I was thinking i would have to replace the window or drill through the wall.


Since he put the FSL in the GF :glowforge: shipping box and then the box in the trash, does he get personal visits by @GlowforgeStaff when he needs tech support? :open_mouth: :wink:


One, as everyone said why drill a hole in a piece you are already laser cutting (and not even a separate workflow, it’s all in cut mode?) And he had a laser before, so not like he doesn’t know about lasers…

Second IF he felt the need to drill he has a DRILL PRESS in the background which will make a way more precise vertical cut AND drill a freakin pilot hole!!! That is thin ply…


He has the tray in backwards… driving me nuts. Hope he doesn’t try to cut on the plastic.

Black and decker instead of festool? Surely a troll move


Well… it is just an air freshener… but I agree on the “you have a laser so why wouldn’t you use that to cut the hole” statements!


Wow. Toss the tried and true Full Spectrum in the trash for an unproven pre-release Glowforge. That’s ballsy. :slight_smile:


He threw a box in the trash at any rate.


Thanks everyone! I didn’t throw the old one in the trash. It was a joke. We like to have fun on my channel! :slight_smile:
Also, I was so excited to unbox my Glowforge that I forgot to draw the hole and I put my honeycomb tray in backwards. Life is all about learning from your mistakes!


Betcha some wish they had worded their posts a little differently.


Uhhmmmm…yep! (Been there done that!) :grin:

Great video! :smiley:


Emmm, nope, it was fun! :sweat_smile:


Turn your tray around! the plastic part goes in the back!