MakeCNC Dalek

SInce some folks asked about the Dalek in the background of my other post, here is the completed murder machine. It’s about 8.5 inches tall.

I did a bit of staining on some parts and I like the contrast. I might mix maple and walnut plywood next time (depending on how similar the thickness is).

Some thoughts on the MakeCNC model…

Once I sized things down to fit my plywood thickness, the slots were really good and snug in most places. I still glued things here and there, but the fit was good.

The tiny round things along the base are a pain in the arse (Too many tiny things). I think I will modify the file to replace them with these next time:
Should look cool and not be so darn many tiny parts. Also the oak against walnut contrast would be delicious.

I did find one error in the file, the front panel, where the plunger and the curling iron go, was set to etch the circles, but they actually need to be cut out. No biggy, just add a couple circles and go.

Oh… one last thing: The head turns on an axis, but isn’t truly attached. I might make something for that in the next version. Headless daleks just look weird. However, now that I am thinking about it, “Davros Barbie” might need to happen.

I was very pleased with the file and would order from MakeCNC again.

I also gotta make a dalek that lights up…


Great job!

In a week or so, there will be new design (maybe?).

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Great job!

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