Makecnc has a new site that is laser specific

This is a threadjack in two ways from the original thread (it’s not a design nor is it free), so I will post it separately:

Let me introduce you to my friend Makecnc…

“like this”, maybe you mean planes specifically?

But the real find here is that they have a new domain for laser stuff, and their cars look really great.

Anyone made any of the stuff on laserscroll yet? Makecnc is generally decent quality.


No, but you’re making me want to…

Here here! :slight_smile: Looks like they have some pretty interesting files. To bad I’m broke :frowning: … but tomorrow is pay day!! :grin:


I believe the files are the same. If you go to buy one it takes you to the Makecnc site. I expect the new URL is for marketing purposes so the scrollsaw and laser community find them in searches where they might be overlooked as potentially a CNC-specific site from their main domain name.


Ah, makes sense.

I’ve had nothing but trouble with their files. Many of their files have pieces that belong to two shapes so you can’t separate them, and that’s a problem when the file was designed for a larger bed than the GF.


So my only experience with them is with their anatomically correct dinosaurs, and it went well. I did rearrange all the parts to save materials and broke one very large piece into two chunks to fit in the bed (dinosaur spine!), but that’s just path manipulation. So I guess my recommendation is “they’re good, but not plug and play, and you need to know how to a: manipulate and scale paths and b: kerf correct if precision is important to you.” (then again, if precision is important to you, you probably already know those two skills)


That’s my experience. These are designed for multiple production methods & different bed size capabilities than the GF. They can scale up or down and move between CNC production tools. I’ve used them for GF, Redsail and plasma projects but always go in knowing that I’m going to be manipulating the file in some way to match the requirements of the device I’m going to use to make it.

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I’ve tried manipulating pieces but they have nested the pieces so close together it’s almost impossible to do.

I think it’s important for newbies to understand they might have issues with the files from this site.


The models look like fun, but the website design? Holy Geocities Batman! :rofl:


Yeah, they can have mistakes. I made their HO scale Milton Villa and there were a couple things I had to fix—notably one of the three doors in the piece did not fit and had to be resized. But for the most part it was very well designed.

That site has been up for awhile, but I never did figure out how it was any different than the previous one. Guess now I know it isn’t!

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