Maker Caddies

Hello, everyone! I haven’t really shared much here, but thought these might be enjoyed.

These are the maker caddies provided to us by Glowforge during the Week of Making. They were easy to cut and assemble. The only issues I had was with the masking - it peeled off some of the Draftboard as I removed it. Heating it with a hair dryer helped to warm up the adhesive and release the paper a little more smoothly.

My daughter is responsible for the paint jobs. She had a lot of fun deciding on the different styles for the six tables in my school’s makerspace.


Oh they turned out very nicely! Exceptionally clever paint jobs. :grinning:


Love the caddies. Love the fact that schools have makerspaces even more.


Cool caddies!

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So fun!

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The paint jobs totally make those caddies!


Love the individualized boxes - now use the laser to put numbers on the tools that belong in each box so you can (at a glance) know which belongs where!

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Beautiful work! @cynd11 got it right - the paint job really DOES make them special!

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These are great! Fun paint adds so much!

Thanks for the compliments - my daughter has been eating them up :slight_smile: The students returned today and the first thing many of them noticed when they visited the makerspace for lunch were the new caddies. They’re much better than the plastic bins that had been there before!


I LOVE that your school has a makerspace! (And well equipped it seems!) Great work on the caddies. (Both of ya!)

These are amazing! I am a Makerspace coordinator and would love to make these for my space. Would you mind sharing the design file?

Welcome to the forum. This design was provided by Glowforge. Perhaps you missed them when they were announced. Also, for future reference, forum rules are that we cannot request files from others.

This design was offered by Glowforge to their owners last month during the Week of Making promotion. They are the only ones who can re-offer these files, but they might decide to do it again sometime in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Be sure to check the little gift box that appears next to your name on the Dashboard so you don’t miss the promotions that Glowforge offers on a regular basis. If there’s a little red dot on the gift, click on it and you can download the latest free file. (All the gift files are offered as Personal Use Only, no sales prints and no reposting of the files or modifications.)

Oh wow, I kind of forgot about that feature. Thanks for the reminder.

Great job!

Not sure if this counts as a maker caddie or not heh, went on a supply run to staples bought some sharpies and had nowhere to put them. so made this quickly. didn’t turn out very good tho. need to fix a few spots where the card stock separated. Thx for the inspiration to make a holder.


I think they look great! Very cool idea. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

What material did you use? I have this design and it says “thick material” but doesn’t specify what wood was recommended for best results. Just curious what worked best for you.

In the original post, the maker says they used draftboard.