Maker Faire filter


Does anyone happen to know the make and model of the external filters used by glowforge at the maker faire? I have some friends in town this weekend who have a glowforge at work that is just a paper weight waiting on the filter. They’d consider purchasing one instead of waiting if they knew what to get.


@marmak3261, @takitus or @karaelena would know. One of them mentioned the manufacturer back from their BAMF use back in June (?).


I think it was a Purex. If you search the forums for that there are several posts. A quick perusal didn’t turn up the model number for me though some mentioned it was at least one of the models with a digital readout with filter status and CFM.


I’m guessing, but my guess would be Purex 400i. It has 450 cubic meters per hour of airflow (I think that’s approx. 260 CFM).


I think it runs about $2900+a lot of shipping.


@laird Used one in Orlando. $129.95 from Amazon.


Purex. I have one for mine at work. They do great, even with acrylic. But very expensive.


To be clear, the cheap grow filter certainly helps, but I wouldn’t want to use it in a sealed room - there was some smell, which was fine in a large warehouse full of Makers - but in a bedroom, it would not be enough. I’m still waiting for Glowforge’s filter for that. Until then, I’m venting outside.


Honestly, I think venting outside is the best permanent solution. Unfortunately, this glowforge is in a basement and the company is enormous which means construction requests take ages and are very regulated. I imagine the purex would be a better indoor solution than the glowforge filter and I think it would be my second choice. Conjecture of course because we haven’t seen the glowforge filter.


A slightly cheaper version like the purex is this one. I don’t have my GF yet to test it on, but I don’t think it’ll be substantially worse than the purex version: