Maker Faire is back

NoVA Maker Faire is happening in June. first time since pre-COVID. i had my booth at the last one in 2019.

working on getting a booth for my company to talk about “making” as part of a career in architecture/engineering. We’ll bring some physical building models and a couple of VR models for people to see/touch/use. Have our kickoff meeting on Monday to get into more details and tie down volunteers.

and kinda considering doing a booth for the guitar biz. especially if i can convince maker faire to put the booths next to each other (or at least very close) so i can participate in both. right now we have access to 5-6 built guitars (4 owned by me or friends, 1 completed (but up for sale, so who knows) and one almost completed. would probably try to build 1-3 more by june. can’t sell them in the booth, but we can give cards away to contact us after to purchase. or to commission a custom guitar.

anyone seeing maker faire starting back up in their areas?


Maker Faire Orlando was held in November. Seemed about as big as pre-pandemic and about the same variety of exhibitors.


And as usual I discovered it the week after it happened. I really need to set a reminder for this year in Orlando.


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