Maker Faire NYC (Oct 1st & 2nd)


So who’s going? We should arrange a meetup after the day one event.

@dan May then I can give you the beer I owe you?

New York Maker Faire

I am working really hard to try to convince my husband (we’re in Texas so not at all close).


Sure going. I went last year. That’s where I met GF.


Same for me, @FeliaJ!! As of right now I totally plan on being there again :smiley:


This would be a great time of year to hit NYC. I have a brother that lives in manhattan and the weather is always perfect for a visit early october. Im down


As we get closer to the date, I’ll setup the time and place.


I work in Midtown…damn skippy I will try to attend!


I attended last year’s Bay MakerFaire, and I did really like NYC when I was there the year before. But October!… brrrr! Even Canadians know that’s a dodgy plan. :smiley:


We’re planning bay area attendees now, but not NYC yet.


Just to revive this thread. Anyone else going to the NYC markerfaire?


Probably, but two weeks is about as far ahead as I plan anything with an option. Prefer deciding in the moment.


yup I plan on going


I hope to!


Planning on it!! Though it’s still pretty far out so I can’t say it’s set in stone yet.


I am going. And quite interested in meeting people.


I am going to NYC maker faire. Flying in from the UK. I’ll make sure I have my name badge on so please say hi if you see me :slight_smile:


Will be great to see you again! It was the same time last year that we met, as I recall.


I’m afraid we’ve never met Dan. You have met my business partner Dominic twice now I believe. :slight_smile:


That’s right! And I mistook him for you both times. :slight_smile: Looking forward to getting it right for once!


Third time is a charm! I knew that expression existed for a reason.