Makerfaire NYC 2017 - Image Gallery

I didn’t see a consolidated location for pictures taken by visitors (vs. Booth folks) So I am going to post these here. Then folks that are also attending can add more to this thread.

First and foremost I’d like to thank @bailey for tossing tickets our way. Super cool and thoughtful of you guys. It was well worth the trip to come visit and talk for a bit. Even if it was about printing postcards and the crazy discounts that these online vendors give.

And secondly, @dan. I don’t think he noticed but he actually scared the crap out of me because he gave me a ninja spring attack hug. He was out of my peripheral and I hear ‘HEY!’ and got a hug off to my left. lol. I’ve dealt with a lot of company’s doing hardware beta tests and what not. But I’ve never really got gone beyond the PR person. Sometimes a person in Engineering. But to know the CEO (And them knowing your name)? And get pounce attack hugs? That’s pretty damn cool.

Anyway- This is a mix of DSLR pictures and from my phone. I realized I should have brought my polarizer for my big camera after the first couple pics. Sorry about that. Anywho- Here you go.

There was a lot of chaos around the booths, So It was hard to tell who was who.


Lolz @Shell




Super fun. If you had never been to a makerfaire. Just go. It’s well worth it. Seriously. Just go.


I realized afterward that I’d only taken one picture all day. It’s the next thing on my aspiration list, now that my dream has come true and I have my own laser cutter.


Decided last minute to check it out. Dropped by the Glowforge booth, it was mobbed.


Make’s Stream shows Glowforge at the 41 minute mark:


I’m wondering if anybody made it to Grey Lightning’s booth. I think she would enjoy hearing how many fans she has here.


I did. She was busy with a couple of folks each time I went by. But I did chat a little with her husband/partner/large guy who was also fielding questions. We talked a little about a game board holder for game pieces and the house & stained glass samples she had and the corresponding YouTube videos she did.

:grinning: Yeah, most of the CEOs I know are business specialists (all about finance & marketing). Dan was good enough to chat a bit after his presentation yesterday about how they had hooked up the PC & large screen display because I’m looking for ideas for the local MakerFaire I’m exhibiting at. Most CEOs I know, even of tech companies, don’t know anything about HDMI switches or simple direct connection and task switching in Windows :grinning:



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Oops! Didn’t mean to startle you - I was just delighted that you were able to make it. Hanging out with all of you is my favorite part of Maker Faire.

Brilliant idea about the polarizer, that would help with the glass glare a lot.

I did - her work’s terrific!

Happy to help! I owed you the name of the switch we used - it’s this one. Cheap but effective.


Thanks. And it’s Prime so it’s here on Saturday :slight_smile:

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(courtesy CyberPhantom)


emergency hug

(I know - it doesn’t really fit, but I saw this gif last night and I have been dying for an excuse to use it. So there.)


ROFL! I think it’s cute! Everyone needs an occasional emergency ninja hug! :hugs:

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If one cannot use a Waddles GIF anywhere and everywhere, one should not bother to post. :slight_smile:

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LOL, I had no idea that this was a show. I just loved the gif instantly. Now I am watching Waddles videos on YouTube and oh look, there goes my day…


WARNING! Spoilers for both shows!

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Good grief, I’ve just watched that.
I think I need more sleep.
< :upside_down_face: >

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What the what?! Seriously, just go binge the entire show. It’s only 2 seasons. Just go do it. It’s got it all… mystery, romance, sci-fi, comedy, horror… did I miss anything? Oh, yes… a pig named Waddles.


Certainly one of the best cartoons of the last few years.

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I’ve had it playing in the background at work all afternoon.