MakForge Live Stream Q&A: 9:00 PM CST Wed Dec 21, 2016



This time it will be an intentional stream! Hope to have the sound sorted out. Goals are to demo some design issues in Inkscape. UI workspace experience and some printing.

On my YouTube channel.

Put your questions, requests or observations in this topic so I can prepare a bit for them, otherwise, comment during the stream.


will you give us a link to your stream, please?


here is the channel, subscribe and you will get notifications.


Oh Boy! There’s a bunch of videos there!
This is delightful.


Great job on the Live Stream @marmak3261! :relaxed:


Enjoyed the interface tutorial. Watching the leather cut surprised me that the air flow looks like it is going front back to front across the top of the honeycomb grate.

Will you be posting how or what the nudging glitch was solved?


The last shot where the engraving got out of whack due to vibration from the head travelling? He needs to get that on a locked down table. (Same problem with 3D printers.)


hum, I may have to reevaluate where I was planning on putting it.


Just make sure it’s on something stable…he’s got it on a wheeled cart I think. Lock the wheels.


Had to chuckle about the wheels on his cart not locked down.

Did like it when Marion said he needed to get a vibration cushion between the GF :glowforge: and the cart. I would have thought a solid hard surface would have absorbed the head vibration through the rubber foot strips.


I was planning on putting it one the middle tear of a Home Depot wire shelving unit. I don’t think this is going to be stable enough at this point. Luckily I’m pretty good with 2x4 framed tables and I don’t care that much about what it looks like.

As much as I hate not having mine, this is an advantage on not going first.


Those little stepper motors can kick up a lot more force than you’d expect. :slight_smile:


The Glowforge is such a tight fit on the cart I have that the sides are in contact with the lip of the cart top so it transfers to the cart even as it is resting on the runners. That’s why I need to lift it out of the bed of the cart to get it away from contact with the metal. That should help and also having leveling blocks to keep it totally off the wheels.


Oh I know, I’ve had the NEMA 17’s pick my handibot up when the Z went astray.


Had to install dampers on mine to keep it from walking off the table. First time I saw it happen, I about had a heart attack! :open_mouth:


My 3d printer is pretty stable, the handibot is CNC, getting up and walking away is a whole new experience with a spinning router blade! :skull_crossbones::skull_crossbones::skull_crossbones:

Think cross between terminator and Wall-E


Yikes! maybe not!


The air assist pushes air from the rear to the front.

We use unlocked rolling carts, but on carpet, which absorbs a lot.


When I was a commercial carpenter, the number of times my cart would roll/move while using the top deck as my work surface made me regret not having locking casters.

Power tools (saws, routers and drills) would create enough fast vibrations that allowed the cart to move with the smallest effort (normally from the power tool being pushed or pressed) and you had to hope that the cut would get done before something spoiled it.


My 3D printer shakes the whole table it’s on (which also holds the PC, a 3’ high parts shelf unit made out of scrap plywood, a biggish UPS and the leftover basis for what was going to be a 3D printer based on a quilting frame) but the resonant frequency is low enough (and thus the g-forces) that nothing gets very far out of line.

Pick your preferred axis…