Making a crafting apron on the glowforge

Was wondering if anyone has ever tried making an apron on their glowforge? Be it denim or leather or some other fabric, I’m wondering how feesable this would be as a project


I haven’t, but as long as you’re ok with it being pieced I can’t imagine it not working!

If you’re trying to do a single piece of material some judicious folding might be needed.

Presuming you want to decorate it @MyDogsThinkImCrazy has a hold down rig on here:


The magnetic whiteboard rig works great! I used that for my skull shirt back in October. That would make it easier to engrave a design on a larger textile/leather item like an apron.

It kind of seems like it would be less hassle to just cut out something as simple as an apron with conventional tools (e.g., scissors), though. Maybe a patchwork apron? Or make one out of interlocking modules like this bag. :grinning:


Yeah I have some old pants that I was thinking about ripping up and using for some kind of apron, I’m a bigger guy so there’s lots of fabric to use


One interesting thing I discovered is that the denim will fit between the lid and the front door so if rolled up at the back and pulled carefully each step you could cut long pieces even with a basic.


That’s an interesting bit of information.