Making a rubber stamp using orange stamp material from Amazon/Silhouette Bus

I have been trying to make a rubber stamp for about a week now. I am using the orange rubber stamp material from Amazon and the Glowforge Stamp feature. I cut one last night, a simple cactus. The cactus is not raised high enough. I would appreciate some tips please.


this thread might have the info you need:

My experience with the orange stamp material was… not great. I switched to the clear laser stamp art polymer from and have had great results.
here’s a great tutorial for that material:


I have used that orange stuff to make stamps and they turned out fairly nice. I ran the engrave for 3 passes though, as I also didn’t think the image was deep enough. When actually used they seemed to look pretty good.


I’m guessing it depends on what you are trying to engrave. I used the same product with one pass and it worked great but it was chunky letters and fairly large. I have done 2 passes in the past and it’s even better.


I should clarify that the orange rubber stamp material worked fine as a stamp once it was all finished. My “not great” experience had to do with lasering it: it created a lot of powdery/dusty waste and smelled awful. That was why I was so pleased with the polymer stuff, it was clean and relatively odor-free.


The orange stuff makes a mess. So I am going to try 2 passes tonight. I tried to do a cactus stamp last night and the cactus was not raised enough. When I stamped I was getting some of the background.


That’s good to know. I bookmarked the page that you linked for polymer.

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It definitely does do that. I didn’t notice the smell so much as having to clean things up!

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I’m not sure where I found Danielle Wethington’s tutorial on Creating Rubber Stamps, but I did find it helpful. She goes through some of her tests too, but from what I can fin on my own rubber stamp logs, the settings I used (on a Basic) are Speed 310. Power93. Passes 1. LPI 450.

The rubber stamp material does create a lot of soot/dust. Danielle Wethington recommends a mini vacuum, but I did not clean up with a vacuum just because of my (probably unfounded) worry of static build up that can sometimes be created by a vacuum cleaner and the nearby electronics of the GF.

I got some pretty good results, even with cheap inks. This is 5 different stamps, each 4" * 3.25". I think the uneven printing is partly the size of the stamp and partly the cheap inks. I have better results with stamps that are 1"*1".


I’ve been using the orange rubber with great success. I use Daniellas Wirthington’s settings on the post that @andrewmchaffie posted. It’s one pass, and works great. Here’s a pair I made a while back. These are mounted on EZ Mount cling.

One thing I noticed when first cleaning off the muck is if I squirt liquid hand soap on the stamp before wetting it, the ash rinses off more easily, than putting water before soap. I use an old tooth brush.


How’d it go? I’m doing a cactus too! It’s all ready to print, but I’m fading fast (11pm here) and Ima wait until tomorrow.

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