Making Candle boxes with designs

So I’m using the box generator to create a box for what will be candle holders. I was to put designs on them. I’m using inkscape and putting a vector and getting a cut outline is easy and I under stand that but what I’m looking to do it the opposite. I was to cut out a box on the side and I was the material to be the object that I’m wanting to leave behind. Is there a easy was to do this. I made one tonight but havnt printed it. I took one side of my box. Uploaded a deer outline, then a box to cut on the side. The only way I could get it to cut on the outside of the deer to leave the wood as a deer was to combine the box and outline and then erase the feet at the bottom so that the lines never connect there.

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You might find a few ideas here

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I assume you are asking how to do this?

You will want to use the Path operation “union” or “difference” depending on where you place the object to combine with the box.

Start out with you candle box. Put a rectangle in it. Make sure it is converted to paths.

Bring in an outline of an image.

Place it over the square you are cutting out and leave a few good spots to attach.

Shift select both the outline of the graphic and the outline of the square where the graphic goes.

Then use Path > Difference

This will leave you with a silhouette of the graphic with the cutout area around it.

I think this is what you were looking for.