Latest explosion of projects


Here’s a few of my latest projects, haven’t got to post on here for awhile, if you want to see all of my projects check this link out: I have all my settings for anything non proof grade on the notes tab there too if your new owner or just curious and wanting to know.

Making Candle boxes with designs
Add some color to your life

Love the first edition comic book! :grinning:


Dang! Awesome stuff!! I like the gear boxes.


Fantastic. I have been looking at doing coins for my teaching department. I might borrow lift some of your ideas, if you don’t mind.


Some real cool stuff here! Love the 3D comic, what a great idea!


Oh, amazing! The boxes look so intriguing—I’d love to see the opening of them animated.


Thanks for sharing. You have contributed so much to the effort with your settings pages on Facebook and good demonstrations of projects. Very inspiring.


I have a video on my site of them doing that. It won’t post here.


Thanks. I am glad to hear it helps!


Yea that one seems to be the most popular one, over 3000 people viewed it according to FB lol


Really nice work, digging the gear clamshell boxes!


Great collection.


My favorite was the first one. Working in the mountains floating over the rest is great!


Those boxes are SICK!!! Are you selling the cut file for that?


Love the comic book, bear, and address plate! Very, very nice!


Ilove these. The comic book cover is amazing.


Those are fantastic! Keep up the good work!


Those gear boxes are da bomb! Is that your design?


Agreed! Sell em!


Love ALL OF THEM! :slight_smile: