Making Chamfers with GF

Hi. Has anyone made a successful Chamfer along the X/Y axis with the GF? I’m thinking of doing that to acrylic. anyone got a successful example?

Nobody outside the company has a Glowforge. There have been discussions here about whether cutting at an angle will be possible with a jig. Not much room to angle things inside the bed, so any cuts beyond the perpendicular will be limited. edit: after thinking about it… With acrylic there is a small possibility that you might make many passes along an edge at changing depths to simulate an angle and maybe, just maybe, successfully smooth the edge with a defocused beam. But I doubt seriously that you will get an acceptable edge. You can see a very early attempt at creating a pyramid on this post by the CEO. [quote=“dan, post:1, topic:814”]
A reporter asked me today, “So, you can only make 3D things by putting together 2D things, right?” This kind of annoyed me so I banged this out. Super hacky because we still don’t have variable power on this machine so it’s multi-pass, and this machine is only at 260 lines/inch at the moment, but it was still kind of fun. Acrylic is 0.21" for scale.

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Here is another thread.

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I read those topics before. Thanks for the redirect links. It would help those who reach this topic to get a redirection on past topics.

My main question is directed more to the Alpha group that first received their glowforge. Since the beta group got announce not long ago i am assuming the alpha group has already gotten started.

However if the GF is currently still in the hands of the developers. This means the question will kinda be in stasis pending actual input from a GF owner.

The topics all discuss probabilities and assumed workarounds etc. the gradient cutting feature is also not very much detailed on. The gradient cut is the close i have as my preferred solution atm. Router and miters and other tools would be an issue for me since i live in a heavily regulated country. Various licenses for various work/tools/usage blah. No “garage” to work out of either.

Thus it would be massively useful if i can figure out the jointry and angle cut issues that i may likely face.

No Alpha group. Just the company developers.