Making cylinders


I am planning to do this in 1/8 birch ply. I need about 100mm high cylinder. The outside cylinder I can do but the smaller one, around 20mm diameter, I am not sure what is the best way :

  1. Stack of cut circle glued together (complicated to make aligned and lots of waste)
  2. Living hinge glued in a cylinder (too small diameter it seems from my test)
  3. paper/ other thin material to make the cylinder. (not strong enough to support the inner material maybe?

any ideas?

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Stacked segments. Break the rings into 1/2 or 1/3.

I’ve made several structures that way.

For something as small as 20mm, I’d use complete rings, though. Wouldn’t take much material to form a 100mm tall cylinder.

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I’d go with option #1. Use a dowel to keep things aligned as you glue them up? The only tricky bit will be making sure you don’t glue your dowel in. I like to use 1/16" brass rods as my registration pins, I leave them in the piece.

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personally I prefer toothpick/ 1/16 wooden dowels

Yeah those would work too. I like the look of the brass, but then I am doing like finished boxes that are meant to be handled.

For me it is more a question of access and being able to sand afterward.

I also thought for the thin material (3) to make a groove on the top and bottom cap to hold it there. Making it in cardboard or acetate sheet. since it will be hidden on the mic stand shaft, no one would see.

Brass sands nicely :slight_smile: It’s soft enough. but anyway, dowels look great and work too.

If making a stack of cylinders I can see no reason to use super thin materials. Some materials are not great if too thick but even 1/4 Baltic Birch would be easier than 1/8 inch material.

if you are worried that an inner rod might get glued to the work there are two cures. Wax or furniture oil will stop glues from fixing in most cases or in extreme wrap the rod clear stretch wrap that will grab itself well enough to stay in place but the rod will slide easily, and the wrap will not stick well to the glue.

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