Making Holes for a keyring

How do I create an additional cut out without going to adobe for my name tags to make a keyring hole? if I put the circle, ill be cutting into the letters otherwise. id like to keep the outline tight but add a hole to put a keyring through.

thank you for your help

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Are you doing these with the design tools in the GFUI? Make the text object. Add a circle where you want it.

Select all and then apply the outline.

If you have the text and outline already completed in Adobe, then go ahead and put a circle in where you want it and then add the outline with the Glowforge outline tool. Adjust to get as close as possible. Then cut that outline and ignore the existing outline. You may need to resize that circle for the keyhole smaller since the outline will be pretty close to it.

It’s a bit tricky to get the outline close enough without dividing the letters. Anyway. That’s my answer. I just was trying this out. There might be a better solution.


Here’s another thread that talks about this subject, if you don’t happen to have Premium:


thank you


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