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Everyone, I am trying to create a word design with capital letters. I am trying very hard NOT to glue it so I am using the outline feature to offset the kerf. The problem is on certain letters, like “R” or “O”, there is an additional cut inside the letter. Is it possible to outline the inside of the letter to make the kerf correct and not need to glue? I am also going to use LED lights to light the words. I hope this makes sense, because I am stuck!

It’s possible, but the method will depend on which editor you’re using…?


In vector illustration software, you’d expand the letters on both the insides and outsides using an “offset”. If you put “[software name] offset” into Google that should lead you to some instructions for using that function. Since it doesn’t appear to be possible to break apart text created in the GF app, you’ll need to do that in other software.

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Thank you very much. I will give that a try! I am using Inkscape and I am relatively new to using it. But thank you very much for the help!!

I did try it…It set the outside of the letter bigger and it fit well. However, the inside of the letter “A” did not get larger. So if I wanted the inset of the “A” to be a different color, I cannot get it to work. Iam using the free version of Inkscape, not the lite version with GF.

The project includes using a blue background. cutting the letter out, using clear for the letter, but the insert of the “A” the same color as the background. The cutting of the letter on blue and the creation of the clear letter work great. The insert for the “A” is not.

In Inkscape - click on the A, then click Path > Break Apart. Now the center of the A should be a different object from the rest so you can make it a different colour, or different size.

If you want to back linked to the rest of the letter select both parts, then click Path > Combine.

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I will give that a try thank you very much!

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