Making Louder Noise

Hello, I’m New to this Glowforge Journey. I’ve been using my GF Pro earlier today and all of the sudden the machine got super LOUD! I got nervous and paused and stop the project. Once the machine cancelled the project I went ahead and turned off it off. Waited and turned it back on.
I tried again and its still making a louder noise… like the fans are louder. Im concerned. Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix the noise. It used to be super quiet. Thank you.

The fans are loud.

Sorry, but that must be subjective, I’ve never considered the stock fan to be quiet. It whines like a jet.

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If it seems it got louder than it was, could be that either the exhaust fan needs to be cleaned or perhaps something got sucked up against the air intake underneath (on the bottom) on the right side. Try looking at those to begin with.


A little concerned that you felt the fans were super quiet. That doesn’t make much sense to me without more info. The normal exhaust fan noise on the GF has been compared to a 1950s vacuum cleaner on steroids. It’s quite loud and annoying.

Is it possible that you previously had the software filter switch engaged in the user interface which would disable the exhaust fan?


Is the exhaust hose still attached? Maybe it came off?

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I have seen this when an odd piece of masking material gets loose and fastens itself to a fan blade and makes a louder noise than before.

Hello Friends… Thank you so much for your ideas and comments.
Obviously that the machine does have a LOUD noise, Im not denying that but it so happens that the noise is louder for some reason. It wasn’t as loud as it is before. From one project to the next on the same day it started making a louder noise.
I was able to clean out the entire machine and complete the maintenance it probably needed.
Although my machine is now sparkling it still is a bit louder than usual. I don’t think that it would be masking material since I don’t usually use it. I did check all hose connections. I will keep an EYE on the switch for the filter to be sure its on. I was attentive to check any debris anywhere inside the machine. Didn’t see anything that would cause the issue. Now that its clean Im hoping that it would be back to normal. I will surely check Tomorrow for any changes.
Thank you again.

If you are using a filter you should be leaving the exhaust fan for the machine off and that is normally the loudest part of the machine. You should also be running the filter for at least as long after the machine has finished as it took to do the job in the first place. IMHO the filter should run for at least an hour afterward. but then my inline exhaust to the outside runs 24/7 for good measure :grin:
It is not impossible that in filling up, your filter would be trying harder and accomplishing less, particularly if you have been shutting it off right at the end of a job.

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