Making my own fossils


Years ago my brother brought me a few pieces of slate that he came across while working on an archaeological dig. They’ve graced flower pots, my fountain, and lastly my little aquarium. I gave my aquarium away last night, but kept the slate. Tonight, I made my own fossils.

:wink: :roll_eyes: :rofl:


I LOVE these!!!


Now this is a very cool idea…I actually have a few real ones, I believe I might need to add a couple more. :sunglasses::+1:


These are amazing! I feel like we should randomly chuck these into building sites or something when no one’s looking? Or kids sand pits?


Love it! Very effective and looks great.
For small kids in their ‘Dinosaur stage’ they will be perfect gifts


The fossils are great, been stashing up on slate waiting for the :glowforge: Did you use your own artwork, the detail on the tortoise is incredible.


I have been fosil hunting many times, now I won’t have to leave home.


I smiled when I saw these. Thank you.


They came out beautifully! I love the little cartoon dino. They all look great.


These actually bring back fond memories of some Trilobite fossils I had when I was a kid. My dad used to climb mountains and he found the fossils on a climb of Mt. Eisenhower (I think it was) up in Canada. I remember taking them to class for show and tell in grade school. As things oft do, they’ve been missing now for many years.


I wish I was so talented to have done the artwork! Most of the images are from Google Images and the one little skeleton is from my subscription with the Noun Project.


Delightful! :smiley:


I did some of these on old rocks I had collected on local hiking trail a couple of years ago, and then randomly dropped them and partially buried two back along the same trail last weekend. Still awaiting local news report of a discovery


Nebraska Man, Piltdown Man…

Here we go. Has Glowforge unleashed an army of fake fossil perpetrators?

No matter. Even if not enough to fool an expert, it will make some kids day perhaps.


It would make mine if I found one. :smile:


These turned out great!