Making your tools on the 'forge

The old blacksmiths would say that all you needed was a hammer anvil and a forge. After that you can make all the tools you need yourself
So I needed something that would hold the earrings I made while I sprayed them with acrylic.


You’ve surpassed the blacksmith credo (I just need it to work), and entered the realm of my first engineering director. His motto, “I know your design will work, but will it look good on paper.”

This is a very clean, elegant design, with a little viking thrown in.


Exactly what I was going to say! In addition, the extra “wings” give it versatility for holding different sizes of earrings.


Does look a bit like a Viking warship! Nice job! :grinning:


Functional and looks really smart. And the shot of it looks great too. What aren’t more people snapping there projects on top of the glowforge?

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Nice! :smile:

I’ve been thinking about making a laser-cut body for a CNC Router. I would still have to buy the electronics, same idea though!

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Fantastic job on this! I’m so in love with the usable and beautiful pieces :heart_eyes:

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I have known some pretty amazing Blacksmiths. There is a very subtle difference between an animal that is completely accurate but looks stuffed and one that looks alive. Very few can do it no matter how they struggle to get the anatomy correct but this guy did it out of sheet iron!. It was almost 50 years ago but I am still amazed, He did a horse-drawn hearse, and you could see the place where the driver had crushed the velvet always sitting in the same place, and you could swear the curtains could flutter in the wind but I got quite a shock when I flicked it with a finger and it went “CLANG!”


I made some other feet for it
The first ones sorta burned the through but worked so I replaced the ones in the picture but made some changes trying not to burn everything up so now upside down they are a tablet holder till I find a different use.

As for the Viking look that was not intentional as I just wanted cleats to tie stuff to. It is purely functional to hold stuff for spray painting but I did add a few experiments to the design to see how’d they’d do.


Here’s what the earrings you can’t see in the OP look like :grinning:

I am still working on the cards will probably print those on inkjet and then laser cut but that is the design so far


Lovely! Those should sell well. :grinning:

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Or in Cherry and Maplewood


They would look really nice with that ceramic trick😀

Clever setup! These earrings will surely be treasured.

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