Man made, not laser made


I’ve never fancied myself as a creator, at least not until very recently. Sure, I’ve always been sort of crafty (both in a good way and bad), but it was the regular stuff that had already been done by someone else that kept me busy. It wasn’t until I started designing and making my own ideas that I sort of became comfortable with the creator title.

This laser has helped me make a lot of things for myself, for family and friends, and even strangers, and it brings me great pleasure to do those things. There is one. Thing it hasn’t helped me with, so I figured I’d throw this in the everything else section. This last Tuesday morning, my wife gave birth to the most beautiful human I’ve ever met, and it made me realize that I helped make that. It’s our first one, so this feeling is entirely new, or at least different from what I’ve known.

Anyway, thought I’d share him here to a bunch of creators from all over the world who possess so many different talents. Plus it’s really hard not to share pictures of him right now :grin:






It flies by, take advantage of every opportunity! Congratulations!


Aww… so sweet! Congrats!


Oh squeeeeee! Absolutely unfair to show off what the two of you made! (That’s real creation!) :grinning::boom::tanabata_tree::confetti_ball:

There’s a special thread for this kind of creativity, if you want to show off a few more pictures…hint! hint! We love beautiful baby pics!

Congratulations! :squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


Oh man! That’s wonderful! That infant will give you grandchildren one day, and the cycle goes round. One day you will come full circle, and realize how fortunate you are, and your later years will be full of family. Congratulations!:tada::sunglasses:


Congratulations!! What a beautiful child!!:heart::heart:


Gorgeous baby! Congratulations!


Omigosh…he’s just beautiful! What an exciting and most rewarding time ahead for you and your wife. Warmest congratulations for an excellent ‘creation’.


Yahoo! Congratulations to you and your wife—he’s perfect! And this is not off topic—just think of all the baby things you can make on your Glowforge! :laughing:


So much joy in one perfect package! Congrats.


Ohhh. It doesn’t matter how many I have seen - posts like this make my eyes leak.
I love beautiful babies and proud parents.
You done good crafting that one… but I gotta say, the creativity and work has only begun.
Parenting is the best hobby; but you can’t stick it on a shelf like so many others.
Enjoy that little human. Every day.


Congratulations!! So very happy for you! Such an amazing time in your lives!


I have a handful of ideas that I’d like to do, just waiting on my warranty repair to come back :grin:

This is something that’s been on my mind a lot over the last year. I’ve sat and looked at my wife and thought about how my parents, and their parents and the parents before them have all looked at each other and loved one another and created small families. We’ve been doing some genealogical research and it’s so interesting to see where I come from. I also recently did an Ancestry DNA test and that was interesting as well.

Life is amazing, and here we are enjoying it while we can! Thanks everybody for the responses, if this forum is still around a while longer, I’ll have to show him what you all said when he can read for himself!


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