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As of January 2017, we have at least three rapidly expecting Glowparents active in the forum, and I know there will be more soon. We’ve seen some amazing posts of things made for kids of various ages in our community (lookin’ at you here, @smcgathyfay, @Brandon, @maryellen, and many others), so @Christopher and @joe and I thought it would be fun to have a place to collect project ideas and discussions around the newest Glowfolk, the Glowbabies.

Discussion of the August 2017 update
What is next to your GF?

Here’s my first offering. I wanted to make 30 nice party favors for the attendees coming to my baby shower this weekend, and it’s traditional in my community for the pregnant person to make some kind of wearable that the attendees can put on when they get the “X has gone into labor!” text. They wear that item (usually an inexpensive freshwater pearl solitaire necklace or bracelet) until the baby is born, as a way of feeling connected to the mom and birth process. I always have to overdo things, so I made these adjustable bracelets out of upcycled leather, some sentimental beads (from a necklace I received for my high school graduation), and some very old antique lace and mother-of-pearl buttons (both close to 100 years old). If I’d had access to a laser, the leather parts would have been much wider, with an Art Nouveau cut-engrave I’ve been saving up for this occasion. Ah well…

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending January 21, 2017

Oh how pretty those are! What a lovely custom! :grinning:


Time for another palm reading…anyone like to take the lead this time? :smile:


We also need to start a betting pool on genders and delivery times…


Those are really nice even without a laser.

Thank you so much for share with all of us.




Wow, outstanding! If this is what you do without the laser, imagine how cool your makings will be when you get one! I love that you used so many old items that have meaning.


Any pool on the age of the first baby to Push The Button?

Also thinking laser cut teething biscuits.


So sweet! Cant wait to see more!!


Careful what you ask for, she might post pics from the birthing room…


Thanks, @cynd11–I decided that since money is tight right now, I was going to only “shop” for supplies in my own hoard (which is ludicrously sizable). It felt good for once to make a pile of nice stuff without spending any money at all.


What a beautiful way to have your family and friends feel involved while you are having your baby. I have never heard of this before and I really like that custom.

As for the bracelets! I love the mixing of many sentimental things from your past and making something so beautiful! :grin:


Simply lovely. I can’t wait to see what you can do when you get the laser!


Wow, amazing work! We also have our baby shower this weekend. Its a Jack and Jill party and my sister is planning it… and she won’t show me the invite… and said I had to participate… I’m worried.


I dunno…doesn’t sound good…are you going to be rolling down a hill? :baby::wink:


Gosh…those are SO special…I really have no words for how much I love your idea! I also really enjoyed your description of the bracelets, including the photos of them and of your work space. And you…you personally…are adorable. What a very happy time! :relaxed:


really lovely items (and pic of you too). I also second what folks said above, that if you can do this without a glowforge, I can’t wait to learn leather working with a glowforge from your projects!


This is so sweet. Unparalleled gift and sentiment.


I thought hard about having a Jack and Jill party–I’d love to hear how yours goes. A solid half of my best friends are men, but we already had a massive (to me) guest list and I felt wonky about inviting so many, much less doubling it. We’re having an art-centered event, so the setup is going to be fairly intensive, too.