Managing Subscription Issue

I got a new debit card from my bank and forgot to switch the info for my GF premium subscription.
When I go to settings and purchase history to manage the sub, there is nothing there, just all my past purchases.
So how do I get it turned back on at the rate I was paying before? Because now it wants me to pay the $50 a month or the annual price… :roll_eyes:

That’s something customer service will have to help with, and since it includes private account info they’ll take the conversation to email.


I figured as much, was just hoping “maybe” someone had dealt with it also and knew how to fix it on my own :slight_smile:

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Ok maybe if I complain here my emails and thread will get some attention…

I emailed in regards to this issue right after I posted this thread. Customer Service rep Angie responded within an hour of my email, asking some details about my account. I responded immediately and it’s been crickets since then.

I love my machine, so I am definitely not complaining about my machine. The thing is a dang workhorse.
What I am complaining about is the customer service that I have received over the last few weeks.

When a part broke and how I was treated, laughed at by a rep, lied to about shipping time, receiving a broken part, lied to again about how quickly a piece would be shipped and now ignored when I nicely request help fixing my account status.

It’s about time with as much money as we all have spent on these machines, that the company properly handles customer service.