Mandala Business Card Holder


This is just stunning! Almost makes me want to go back to work! I’m with @Xabbess … might be great for the cards that I collect to keep handy.

Also, agree with @ChristyM … would be beautiful as a napkin holder!

Thank you so much for the file … truly a beautiful piece!


Thanks for sharing!


Totally accidentally cut the score line - but glue fixed that! My roommate was the one who made it (with my “help”) so I’m gonna poke her to post a picture :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I would love to make this! how do i download the design?


Right click on the design image. One of the options is to save the file.


This design it awesome. I did not need to use glue to hold it all together. I think that is what I liked most about the design. Thank you for sharing!


Is there any way to make the file downloadable?


Right click the file and save.