Mandala Business Card Holder


I used the mandala design that @lightner posted a while back to create a business card holder, and since it came from a free design it seems only right to share it, too. :slight_smile:

Here’s the file:

The yellow line is scored, and everything else is cut. The rectangular frame is glued on top of the base piece using the scored line for positioning, and then the vertical portions nest down into it.

Here’s how it looks (this one is PG medium cherry ply- it’s actually all the same color; there’s just reflected light making it look two-toned):

Mandala clock

I like that! :sunglasses::+1:


So pretty! Now I’m trying to think if anyone I know needs a business card holder…


You could get yourself some business cards. :slight_smile:


Ooooo, gorgeous! If only a retiree needed a business card holder…


Thanks for sharing. The card holder is beautiful.


Gorgeous! Someone is going to love this as their present. Thanks for sharing.


I have business cards. I just never have the need to display them!


Cool! Excellent “plagiarism”! :sunglasses:


That is gorgeous! Well done!


Thinking maybe I could turn it into a napkin holder!


Personally, I don’t need any cards either, but I do have quite a collection I keep of others cards…mechanic, etc. My ‘main’ people are in my contact list, but other ones could look much prettier in this holder.


That really turned out well. It has a simple elegance. Sometimes the mandala items can get overladen with layers. Love it.

Of course, given history, I’d have expected at least a few layers of other materials, because you do it so well. :smiley:


Very nice work. Thank you for the file.


Ooh, it would make a great napkin holder!


Great project, Thank You for the share.


Thank you for the file. My wife likes it. I used proofgrade draft board. Fits together tight no glue needed. I just got my GF this was my 3rd project so far. LOVE my GF :slight_smile:


Very nice execution for a 3rd project. I bet your wife will have lots more requests.


Yes! I don’t have a nickle over $10,000 worth of tools, that all enhance my abilities - but none that inspire creativity like this one.


Everything you do is amazing!