Manual setting for 1/4 plywood to cut on glowforge aura

Trying for cutting 1/4 inch thick plywood on my glowforge aura, Im using the thick basswood setting and its burninb my wood even with the mask, any tips?

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Some plywoods just aren’t laser friendly. The glue, voids and knots will never cut with a laser, and the Aura is pretty challenged by 1/4" material.


Thanks, I didnt know that


If the plywood itself is not to blame you can try many passes at a higher speed, there is diminishing returns however. At extreme need with my pro I first engraved a quarter inch down and then cut after that in order to cut some half inch plywood because it would not cut deeper by cut alone. I have also made as many as a dozen or more passes in order not to melt the Delrin I was trying to engrave.

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