Manual setting for Birch

Hello, I am new to Glowforge. I have a question about the manual settings. I am trying to make a shelf with white birch wood veneer core plywood. 1/4" thick.

How do I know what settings to use when I am not using the proofgrade materials from Glowforge?

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Welcome to the forum, Amy!

In general terms, the answer is testing, testing, testing. Luckily in your case, the PG settings for Thick Maple Plywood should get you in the ballpark.

Good luck!


Hi and welcome to the group :grin: The surest way to get an idea of the effect of different settings on different materials is to try different settings on different materials. I put this together and use it on every new material and keep them in a box for reference.


There is also a pretty comprehensive description provided by the manufacturer under the Support pages, linked above.


I use the 1/4 birch plywood a lot

speed 145
full power

like dwardio said testing, testing

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Thank you so much!

Thank you!