Manual setting for engraving bamboo chopping board

Hi can someone give me the manual settings to engrave on a bamboo chopping board please

If you search for “bamboo” you’ll find a lot of info on engraving it.

btw, I moved this to Everything Else, as MoaG is reserved for completed projects. Please be sure to post your completed engraving there! :slightly_smiling_face:


Bamboo can be very inconsistent. Here’s a link with someone asking your very question on the forum. If you search for cutting boards and even bamboo cutting boards you’ll get a lot of info.


ok do you no the setting

If you click on the link i provided, there’s LOTs of information there that will help you!! (Just click on “Help with Power/Speed on Bamboo Cutting Board” and it will take you to the information.


There is not one setting. folks have had success with many. You have some reading - or some testing - to do.

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