Marble pendant


First little test on marble. It scored better than I thought it would actually.

Engraving marble works great!



I’m buying marble and slate coasters in the meantime, just in case :grin:


Very nice! :sunglasses: Nice little hole you managed there! Did you cut that cab yourself?

Any limestone, including metamorphic limestone like marble will engrave nicely - bleaching it to powder white, and it will accept pigment well. Matrix in the stone may still be prominent. Masking is highly recommended for painting as the stone usually exhibits some porosity.


That cut a lot deeper than I would expect. :grinning:


We’ll all lose our marbles over this…lmao
Very nice. :smile:


I bought a bunch of these cabs from Fire Mountain beads for about .75 cents. Figured they’d be fun to experiment with. Good idea about the masking too. You can see a bunch of little black spots from the paint I used. I’m going to flip this one over and try a simple engrave next.


Yeah, I discovered it the same way. First piece I tried was not porous at all, so I didn’t think twice. the second variety did the same thing yours did.
I used to love cutting cabs - turquoise, petrified wood and opal. Still can’t bring myself to sell my Raytech wet grinder…