Marble Test


Jimi looks good anywhere.
A metamorphosed limestone, I expect any calcium carbonate would react the same. Instead of micro-fracturing the surface like granite, marble is ablated.
Like @marmak3261 observed with Corian, I noticed tiny sparks - which turned out to be a very fine hot ash.

By the feel of my fingernail I would guess about a 100th" depth. The surface is bleached of all pigment and will receive color well. In this case trusty Krylon flat black spray.

What else do I have around here…? :thinking:

Engraving marble works great!
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017

More Jimi! ::grin: :+1:


I spent a great deal of time on preparing that file a year ago - gettin’ my monies worth out of it!


I love it! I’d like to try it sometime. Guess that means a trip to the hardware store for some tile samples!


It’ll be interesting to see if your settings hold for another 2 or 3 months although that seems doubtful as a PRU.


More Jimi please…and MORE COWBELL! Ha!


Without the penny, the detail makes it impossible to guess the scale. Well done! Marble is a medium I intended to use a lot. Thanks Dave for confirming its “glowforgeness”.


Wow! So do you spray on and then immediately wipe off?


Oh, this makes me so happy. Great resolution on a material I’m looking forward to working with!


I let the paint dry. It would definitely stain if you just wiped it off (could be an interesting effect) but generally in a positive/negative image the higher the contrast the better.


How do we know he doesn’t have one of these? Hmmmm…? :grin:

:confused: :laughing:


So when you spray the krylon, do you just wipe it off right away (or is there any fine mesh sanding after it dries?)


Looks amazing @PrintToLaser!! :heart_eyes:


@PIGHEADED …OMG I want one of those giant pennies! Wait! Is it chocolate?? Now I want one even more!!! Lol__

(Miniaturists often include a penny in their photos for scale. And yet, some buyers still purchase mini’s thinking they’re buying a life-size object. Leading to an inside joke that all miniaturists have a giant penny that we use for photographs**** :grin:)


I let tit dry. That’s the magic of the masking. The laser is a two-in-one operation,engraving while ablating the tape and cutting a perfect mask at the same time. No sanding or finishing at all. Peel the mask and your done.
Weeding can be time consuming depending on the model.


This is brilliant! I have several large marble pendants I have set aside to GF and this is great to see. Thanks for all your testing.


I’m not familiar with the thickness of the dried paint from Krylon flat black spray. The engrave is not very deep. After the paint is applied can you still feel the engrave? Or is the paint above the surface of the marble?


Hmmmm…great job @PrintToLaser …yes more Jimi…hmmmmmm…to flag or not to flag…lol


Well seeing this reminded me that I drive past one of the counter-top places on the way home. Lots of remnant pieces in racks outside. Sounds like a field trip. Ha


Pretty close to the same level, but not above it. The texture of the engrave is still evident.