Marker Tote


I lost my own sister several years ago to lung cancer. I really didn’t want to get into being a Debbie Downer and circumvent the subject of this thread, because you need to be able to keep your own spirits up, as well. I only mention it because when you posted here, it really struck a heavy chord with me. The doctors were also very late in diagnosing my sister’s cancer and kept saying she had bronchitis. Still, I am holding such good thoughts for your sister and wish her well.


I lost my brother to lung cancer in 2012. He had 6 months after the diagnosis. We lost Mom in 2009 to gall bladder cancer (after an earlier recovery from pancreatic cancer). Cancer is so wicked.

My sister was supposed to start chemo on Christmas Eve, but they found two spots on her lungs. So, they put her off until she could get the lung biopsy done. We are all trying to stay optimistic.


Cancer is indeed wicked and insidious. It is very prevalent in my family history, as well. My mom sort of beat the odds. She was a double mastectomy, breast cancer survivor and lived to be 103. Her identical twin died of cancer at age 57. I know it’s tough…I’m sorry.


Don’t laugh at me … but, all I could see is the flowers … and even though you showed it with the paint pens … and you talked about the pens … my eyes still saw it as larger.

I have the file all set up … still going to cut it. She was given an adult coloring book and some colored pencils … she can put her pencils in it!

Thought you might like a chuckle. Thank you again for the wonderful file!


Thanks for the file! I learned a few things, including how to save the SVG from the forums :joy:

Made this as our second print for my 4.5 yo daughters art collection, she’s in love and is going to help glue it together as well. Thanks again!


Kinda reminds me of how much smaller I thought my GF would be, even though I’d watched all the videos, etc. :wink:


I thought it was a tooth. LOL


Don’t feel bad about that. It’s amazing to watch designers and others walk up to the spacecraft for the first time that they’ve been working of for years in some cases and remark that it’s bigger/smaller than they thought :slight_smile:


Much needed! Thank you!