Marker Tote


I’ve been making a lot of Glowforgey things that require coloring, lately, and find it relaxing to sit in bed and color a little to wind down before I go to sleep. Because of this I just bought a whole bunch of new markers, and needed a way to store them that would be easy to move back and forth from the craft room for my nighttime coloring, so I made a little tote.

I borrowed some blossom shapes from the Springtime in Kyoto pattern as decoration for mine, but the SVG doesn’t have them, since that would probably be frowned upon.

I turned @YawString’s Spring Clasp inside out to make the clips that hold the handle in place. They’re supposed to have little hearts on them, but they turned out looking more like tiny elephant derrieres. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The one in the photos is made from PG medium basswood ply. Here’s the SVG:



EDIT: Just realized I forgot to put a sizing square in this one, but the full design is 20x12", so you can use that to make sure the size is correct.

Caddy with Kyoto Flower

Great tote - and thanks for the share. I think this is more conducive to creative endeavors than a shoe box which is what I would have probably used.


Great idea! :grinning:


Cool idea thanks for the file, going to make one in the morning for my wife.


Nice! Really cool to see a clasp variation! I did see the heart at first. Thanks for sharing the design!


I like that you made a practical object beautiful, just because you can. Thank you for the design!


You’re wonderful to share this! I love it - will be making some for my kids. Thanks for a great design and time-saver too.


That’s an adorable useful tote!


Thank you very much! This is a fun an useful project to make.


Thank you for sharing! Your designs are so fool proof - and well loved by my family and friends…


Thanks for, yet another, great share. And…Posca pens are my fav.


Mine too! And thanks to Christmas gift cards, I now own them ALL. :slight_smile:

(Note: The tote is a really tight fit for the full collection of regular plus fine point. You can get them in, but it really needs to be a smidge bigger for that. sigh)


Neat Concept, Thank You for the share.


This is just gorgeous! Thank you so much! The flowers really ramp it up. Think I will have to add them, as well.

My sister has her first chemo treatment this Fri … Think this will be something for her bedside for this and that. Thank you, very much!


Wishing your sister a complete recovery. Hopefully the tote which is useful for her treatments will one day be used at home for a completely different purpose and memories of chemo will be distant.


Well, bless her heart. My own sister went through that. It can be tough. Wishing her really excellent results.


@dklgood Thank you! I hope so also! Know she’ll love it!

@Xabbess She has survived two bouts of breast cancer years back. This time it’s pancreatic cancer and has progressed quite a bit before a new doctor sent her for testing to actually find it. We are all trying to keep her spirits up.


@geek2nurse When I open the Springtime in Kyoto pattern … it doesn’t let me grab less than the entire design. Any tips you could give?


Yeah, you can’t actually use the original. If you print the catalog design, though, you can then scan and trace it.


Ok, that’s the only thing I could figure. Thank you!!