Marking Knives for Eagle Scouts

Hello! Long time lurker first-time poster here. While I have been making things on my Glow forge for a bit now I have recently made a project, though simple, I thought was worth posting here.

I was recently able to present these knives to the latest group of Eagle Scouts to come out of Troop 1 in Flushing NY on the 110th birthday of the troop and the BSA as a whole.

Even though the laser can’t do much to the steel on its own when combined with a marking fluid it makes a great dark impression. For my project, I was using Enduramark’s Laser Marking Material.

After it’s painted on and left to dry for a bit the Glowforge can get to work.

After that’s done all that’s left to do is wash off the leftover marking fluid and polish the blade!


Morakniv, or a knockoff?

That is a nice gift for some deserving eagle scouts. Professional looking. :blush:

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Nicely done.

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Was wondering the same thing lol

Good eye they are indeed Morakniv. Their branding is on the other side of the blade :slightly_smiling_face:


Ever seen the dutch bushcraft knife channel on youtube? That’s how I first heard of Mora.

The internet is so specific sometimes.


What a wonderful keepsake!


It’s good to know how to summon Big Hammer Guy.

Sturdy knife- the safety geek in me wishes he was wearing eye protection though!

Excellent job! :sunglasses:

Welcome to the community. I am sure the scouts will cherish the knifes.

Very Cool! What settings did you use? I’ve tried to mark on aluminum with marking material but the engraving has worn off.

Settings for non-Proofgrade materials can’t be discussed in this forum, only in Beyond the Manual.

If you search over there you’ll find plenty of discussion on marking metal.

Thanks! It’s the Scoutmaster and my wishes that while the scouts will see them as a symbol of their accomplishment that they will also regard them as tools and use them as such. :slightly_smiling_face:

Very nice! Great job