Marking Metal with Marking Spray

Hey everyone,
I am trying to delve into the world of Metal Marking. I want to bring a line of high end pet id tags to my shop. I have been pricing out materials and researching for two weeks and feel I am no closer. I am about ready to give up!

I know I can use Stainless Steel and Aluminum (i’m sure other things as well, but know the rest come with some risk to the laser). I have seen laser marked tags in a gold look. I know it can’t do fully Gold items. Anyone have luck with a Stainless Steel tag with Gold coating? I feel like i’m so close to what I am wanting but just can’t get there. I don’t have the cash flow to do many tests.

Wanting a Circle and Hexagon in Stainless Steel (frost/silver look) and Gold look that can be marked on both sides. I am going CRAZY.

Gold colored anodized aluminum would do the trick.

If you want dark colors on gold substrate you’re looking at coating like Cermark or maybe custom laserable tags. I know that there are brass blanks that are treated to engrave black.

See here:

Maybe there are pet tag form factors.


Wow! The bottom one is super shiny!
Thank you so much for the response. I thought that Brass was a NO NO to even go in.
I also found the 50 laser able “engraves” (I know its a marking not an engraving) YouTube as well.

Copper is a no no. Not brass.

What about Sterling Silver?