Johnson plastics laserable brass plates

Just found some great settings. No smoke stains. Nice removal of black material

Glow forge basic
Speed 1000
Power 50

Just excited to share!
Pictures to come

OK I also thickened the letters for the 2nd time so the thicker letters isn’t a direct result of Less power but look at the shininess of the brass. The top one was at full power and I had to rinse off soot. The bottom one was directly out of the machine no rinsing no nothing and looks very shiny.

Product link


This looks amazing! Please give details on the product.


Wow! Very crisp!

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Very cool! (I’m going to shift this to the Made on a Glowforge category…it’s where we keep all the Settings information for non-Proofgrade materials. It’s the only place we’re supposed to discuss them to keep the FNLs happy. They fuss at Dan if we don’t.) :smile:

Tips and Tricks are a good place to stash Tutorials if you have any of those you’d like to share. (hint, hint) :grinning:

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Thanks Jules! I wasn’t sure


No problem…I stuck a Settings tag on it too, to make it easier to find. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks amazing! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Actually @jules, I believe it’s the Beyond The Manual category where these discussions are supposed to be. Or did that change and I missed it?


CWhoops! You are completely correct, and I need to pay a bit more attention to what I’m doing. :grin:

Muchas gracias chica!
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No wonder a noob like me got it wrong :wink: lol


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Is this the AlumaMark?

No. Brass plates from Johnson plastics
I’ll put the product link in the top post

Thanks. AlumaMark is the manufacturer of some of the plates at that link, and the only ones listed as laserable. I ask because I’ve gotten a different brand and wasn’t entirely happy with it.

Is Alumamark aluminum only?

These are real brass plates.

I think AlumaMark is aluminum, but anodized(?) to look brass or gold. I don’t know that real brass would be laser-markable like that, but you’re the one with the product number on your receipt.

I think you are correct. I believe the AlumaMark materials are available as plated options with different coatings. But, I don’t think you can laser mark standard plated materials without some sort of coating (e.g. Cermark, Thermark or AlumaMark)

Fyi, these are not marking plates. These are black coated solids brass and aluminum plates that you use the laser to remove the black.

Item 4656013
Pre-polished lacquered surface brass


How well do those stand up to wear and tear? Can the coating be scratched off?

Not by rubbing. And a plaque should not be getting “wear and tear”.

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